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Your Vivace Portal will provide you easy, online ordering of your
prescription medications, with fast delivery direct to your door.

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How it works.

Step 1

The prescription will be uploaded to the Vivace portal either by yourself or your Doctor.

Step 2

Creating your Vivace account is easy, quick and free and can be done by yourself or your Doctor.

Step 3

Easy online ordering – at the time of ordering your product you can also subscribe to the advisory service for our Cannabinoid Therapy Team to assist you with any questions or support needed with your therapy.

Step 4

Once you have placed your order, your products will be securely and discreetly sent to your home via express postage, that you can easily track.

Step 5

Our Cannabinoid Therapy Team will contact you to help you adjust your dose to get the optimum results from your therapy.

Why choose Vivace Health?

We are a team of Cannabinoid experts. We are Medical Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Therapists and Educators. We are highly committed to supporting you to become successful on your Cannabinoid Therapy.

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